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Scowls, outbursts & sarcasm?

(how to communicate positively with teens)

The teenage years involve a major shift in family relationships as power and decision-making are handed over from parent to child. And along with that comes an inevitable degree of pushback and rejection – of you, your company, your habits, your values and of your right to know their thoughts. Maintaining good communication during this process can be challenging.

‘How to communicate positively with teenagers’ provides practical tips on how parents can keep communication channels open, how to manage emotional teenagers and reduce conflict. Key areas covered include:

-Tips for successful dialogue

-How to avoid lecturing, nagging & shouting

-Finding ways to connect

-Learning to listen (& to hold your tongue)

-Responding to emotional behaviour

The result will be more connection and less conflict. [For parents with children aged 11yrs+]

Price: £15

Presented by Anita Cleare