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Building Children's Self-Esteem

Thinking and believing good things about yourself lies at the heart of self-esteem. Children with low self-

esteem are often reluctant to try new things and tend to give up easily in the face of challenge.

Children’s self-esteem can be influenced by feeling valued, having their achievements recognised and hearing good things about themselves – but is it

possible to praise children too much? And what can parents do in the face of persistent negative thinking?

This essential parenting webinar examines the links between pessimism and self-esteem and the role of

boundaries, goals and focused praise and attention in fostering good self-esteem. Parents will learn practical strategies for:

-Encouraging a growth mindset

-Prompting goal-setting

-Valuing effort and achievement

-Encouraging optimism

-Challenging negative thinking

-Helping children to express ideas and make decisions

[ages 3-13yrs]

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Presented by Anita Cleare