A recorded webinar tutorial (£15)

How to overcome

different parenting styles

(& co-parent successfully)

No two parents ever have exactly the same approach to parenting. But when parents disagree about parenting, it can be confusing for children and easy to get stuck in a cycle of blame and recriminations.

This 60-minute session is all about using practical strategies to find common ground and agree a joint approach. You will learn which parenting style is best, how to have productive parenting discussions, and lots of concrete ideas for reducing conflict and building a strong parenting team.

Parents will come away with practical strategies for:

-Recognising common parenting traps

-How to talk without blaming

-Solution-focused discussions

-Whole-family approaches

-Managing hotspots and triggers

The webinar is suitable for parents of children of all ages and for anyone who is trying to co-parent with someone else (whether living in the same household or not).

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Presented by Anita Cleare