Positive Parenting: Managing Sibling Conflict

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Anita Cleare
June 24th | 20:00 BST | Show in my timezone

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Here is What You'll Learn

Kids driving you mad?

It's no fun living in a war zone. Constant sibling conflict can really leech the fun out of family time. Arguing, bickering, teasing, name-calling, refusing to share, physical fighting and aggression - siblings can often get stuck in a negative rut and the whole family suffers.

Are you nagging, shouting or counting to 3?

Parents often find themselves in constant referee mode - or resorting to threats and yelling because that's the only thing that seems to work. All children need to learn how to get along, resolve their disagreements and behave in a polite, co-operative and caring way.

Why do children fight?

This positive parenting Masterclass outlines the reasons why sibling conflict occurs and the common parenting traps that we can all fall into. It looks at practical and effective measures to prevent and minimize sibling conflict and how to respond when it happens.

Practical tips you can put into action straight away

-Teaching co-operation and turn-taking

-Setting ground rules

-Coaching problem-solving

-Motivating change

-Using consequences

For parents/carers of children aged 1-10yrs

This Masterclass is suitable for parents of children aged 1-10yrs. It will be a small group so there will be plenty of time for questions.

Worried you might miss it?

We know that family life can be unpredictable. So, just in case you get called away, we'll send you a recording you can replay after the event.


About Anita Cleare

Anita Cleare (MA AdvDip) is a parenting speaker, writer and coach who supports working parents to balance successful careers with being a parent. Her award-nominated parenting blog ‘Thinking Parenting’ has been listed in the UK Sunday Times Magazine as a must-read for parents. Her first book The Work/Parent Switch: How to parent smarter not harder was published by Vermilion Books on 30th April 2020.

With an academic background in developmental psychology, Anita helps parents cut through the fads and fashions of parenting advice and focus on how modern parents can apply simple evidence-based approaches in ways that work. Anita has a talent for helping parents step back and reflect on parent-child dynamics and implement small changes that make a huge difference.

You can follow Anita on Twitter (@thinking_parent).

June 24th
20:00 BST