Chalk & Cheese Parenting?

(how to overcome different parenting styles)

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Anita Cleare
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Here is What We'll Cover

Do you and your co-parent have different ideas?

Maybe you're struggling with 'chalk and cheese' parenting? When parents disagree about parenting, it tends always to be the other person who is doing parenting ‘wrong’. And when things aren’t going well, it’s easy to cast blame: “The problem is my husband/wife/ex-partner. How can I get him/her to parent differently?

How to Overcome Different Parenting Styles’ is all about moving passed blame and using practical methodologies to find common ground and agree a joint approach. It outlines typical parenting disagreements (such as 'Good Cop/Bad Cop' patterns) and offers concrete solutions for building an effective parenting team.

How to stop blaming and start collaborating

This 60-minute session is jam-packed with practical tips and conflict-reduction strategies. There are pointers for parents on holding solution-focused discussions and how to use problem-solving for family issues. Plus, how to build a good co-parenting relationship.

There will be lots of time to get your questions answered and all participants will receive links to follow up resources.

This one-hour parenting webinar is relevant to parents/carers of children of all ages. Book early - this is one of our most popular parenting webinars!


About Anita Cleare

Anita Cleare (MA AdvDip) is a parenting speaker, writer and coach who supports working parents to balance successful careers with being a parent.

Anita’s award-nominated parenting blog ‘Thinking Parenting’ has been listed in the UK Sunday Times Magazine as a must-read for parents. Her first book The Work/Parent Switch was published by Vermilion in April 2020.

With an academic background in developmental psychology, Anita helps parents cut through the fads and fashions of parenting advice and focus on how modern parents can apply simple evidence-based approaches in ways that work. Anita has a talent for helping parents step back and reflect on parent-child dynamics and implement small changes that make a huge difference.

You can follow Anita on Twitter (@thinking_parent) or Instagram (@anitacleare).

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